MoJo Auto Fold Scooter


No more struggling with a heavy scooter.

The Mojo Auto Fold automatically opens and closes in seconds simply by pressing the remote.

The Mojo Auto fold scooters is designed to fold down to fit in the smallest of spaces. Its lightweight magnesium alloy construction is durable and can hold a rider up to 300lbs. (showing mojo at its most compact

No need to bend or reach far to insert the batteries or charge the scooter, everything you need is close at hand.

The Mojo auto-fold meets FAA requirements for airline travel. Take the Mojo wherever you go. It the best travel companion. With the impressive 13-mile battery range, this scooter can get you far.

What else you ask? How about an informative digital display, LED headlight, adjustable tiller, comfortable seating, adjustable armrests, a folding basket and even a horn.



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  1. ranausman2806

    awsome product

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